The lights of kanvas at the Sharjah Light Festival

kanvas participated in the 12th Sharjah Light Festival held between 2-19 February 2023. The festival took visitors on a journey of cultural highlights, combining all the components of beauty, art, culture, education and innovation in a glorious event that consisted of 13 beautifully lit locations in one stunning showcase.

The Light Art Experience by kanvas was the main attraction in the Light Village opposite the University City Hall. More than 1700 visitors explored the museum’s installations, interacted with the community and created memories to last a lifetime.

The Art In Light creative workshop shined a literal light on the long-forgotten overhead projector. With a focus on interaction and imagination, the workshop was a brilliant example of edutainment and playful learning. In 20-minute sessions, small groups of 6 to 14-year-old children discovered a sensory world full of shapes, textures, colors and patterns.

While the children were entertained by ‘Art In Light’, the parents had their very own light art experience. The Lighthouse exhibition showcased artworks exploring the idea of the constancy of change through light. With a series of awe-inspiring installations, the exhibit combined analog and digital technologies and notions of reflection, refraction and light interaction to astounding effect.