Light Art Experience by kanvas at the Sharjah Light Festival


2nd February – 19th February, 2023


Monday – Wednesday
6PM – 12AM

Thursday – Sunday
6PM – 1AM


Workshop only - kids: 30 Dhs/pax for a 20-minute long session

Exhibition only - kids/adults: 30 Dhs/pax without time limit


Sharjah Light Festival 2023
University City Hall at Sharjah

About the project

Our Lighthouse in Dubai exhibition along with the Art in Light children’s workshop is moving temporarily and exclusively to the Sharjah Light Festival (More information about the Sharjah Light Festival).

You can visit our Light Art Experience by kanvas venue at the University City Hall of Sharjah, between 30th January – 19th February 2023.

Art in Light shines a literal light on the oft-forgotten old-fashioned overhead projector. With focus on interaction and imagination, the workshop is a brilliant example of edutainment and learning through play. Over the course of 20-minute long sessions, small groups of 6 to 14-year old children discover a sensory world filled with shapes, textures, colors and patterns, all created by light projection. Young attendees can explore color mixing and transformation, pattern projections, the effect of different textures on mirrored surfaces, create sand art and much more.

While children are entertained by the Art in Light workshop, parents can step into their very own light art experience. Curated by the internationally revered 3D artist and video mapping specialist, Laszlo Zsolt Bordos, the Lighthouse exhibition showcases artworks that explore the idea of the constancy of change through light. With a series of awe-inspiring installations, the exhibit combines analog and digital technologies and notions of reflection, refraction and light interaction to astounding effect.


Exhibiting artists from the Lighthouse collective:

Gáspár BATTHA – Patterns of Harmony
László Zsolt BORDOS – LightForms
Gábor KITZINGER – Geohm
Erik MÁTRAI – Aureole Cone
András NAGY – Perception of Imagination
Csilla SZILÁGYI – Transfuse 03 Liquid
Ivó KOVÁCS – Omnispace

Guest artist:
Malte Kebbel; Studio Kebbel (GER) – Fin Sin Fin


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