kanvas in Lyoyd's Sunday Lunch on Dubai Eye Radio

Radio veteran Mark Lloyd invited the creators of “Symphony of Shadows & Light”, the immersive experience currently running at kanvas Dubai: artist Kristel Bechara, curator Astrid Lesuisse and producer Balint Torday onto his renowned Sunday morning broadcast, Lloyd’s Sunday Lunch to talk a little about art, the new wave of immersive experiences and the combination of the two.

Kristel spoke about her unique style of painting, mixing monochromatic and ornate color elements, which she uses both on physical canvases with the medium of acrylic paint and also in digital artworks, while Astrid talked about the fascinating times Dubai is experiencing these years in the field of art and culture.

Lastly, Balint shared how a hybrid exhibition with animated physical paintings comes about, starting from the artistic concept, the elaborate animation work done this time by 3D and video animator Viktor Lukacs, and the precise selection of background music provided for this experience by renowned contemporary pianist Balazs Havasi.

If you are interested in listening to the full broadcast, click here.