Immersive Iftar Night at kanvas Dubai

This Ramadan night was an unforgettable journey of flavours, culture and connections, a magical evening of togetherness, enchantment and mesmerizing wall projections.

With special guests, unique dishes and captivating performances, the evening was a celebration of  unity and diversity. From heartfelt conversations to stunning art displays, every moment was a treasure.

Against a backdrop of tradition and innovation, two remarkable projections took the audience to the heart of Middle Eastern culture. “Revival of Aesthetics 2.0” by Orkhan Mammadov composed a fascinating immersive show from the results of a cutting-edge machine learning algorithm that analyzed more than 150,000 carpet compositions and sketches inspired by the cultural heritage of carpet weaving in the East.

The thematic photo exhibition “Fragments of the Whole” by Akos Kaiser is an artistic mixture of the traces of an ancient culture and one of the most modern countries of  the XXI. centure, which gives his photographs an extraordinary athmosphere.

Our immersive Iftar experience was a celebration of Ramadan like never before. Thank you to everyone who joined us for this magical evening!