The Secret of Music

As part of their final assessment for the Creative Music Industry course, Year 12 and 13 students from Safa Community School performed under the fantastic direction of Mr Jay Stewart, Head of Music, during the RSL Awards Showcase of the school. The performances of the ‘Performing Music Live’ and ‘Collaborative Composition’  units were a great success and will surely provide a solid foundation for the young artists’ musical careers.

Four professional musical theatre performers – Amy Jessop, Alia Khaled, Rami Farha and Adel Badawi, members of The Arts Network, have come together for a couple of wonderful evenings of interactive storytelling performances in Volume 1 of Secret Stage Sessions. Contemporary musical theatre songs took the audience on paths of self-discovery and revealed the complexities of human relationships, at some points involving audience members in the story. Stunning digital projections served as a beautiful visual backdrop to this emotional journey.

The Secret Stage Sessions will continue in the fall with drama theatre performances, so stay tuned!