Workshop on "Design in Immersive Environments" by Susan Kosti

We are thrilled to start the new year with a brand-new collaboration.

On 9 January 2024 kanvas Dubai hosted the lecture and workshop „Design in Immersive Environments” specially developed for the students of Istituto Marangoni, the Dubai School of Fashion and Design, by the talented media artist and motion graphic designer, Susan Kosti.

Susan has been working with visual experiences for over 14 years, specializing in video content and projection mapping. Her work revolves around creating immersive environments for various events, concerts, light festivals and other large-scale productions.

The session included an insightful presentation on visual content and projection mapping, the immersive design process and an interactive demonstration of various software applications using the case study of the magnificent Dome at the Ozora Festival. In her lecture Susan explained in detail the workflow of the project from the birth of the concept idea to the final artwork (stage design and projection mapping), which included sketching, 2D-illustration, 3D-modelling, projection mapping,  3D-animation and compositing.

For those who are interested in the full lecture, please see the video below.