A Symphony of Shadows & Light by Kristel Bechara at kanvas

Award-winning contemporary artist, Kristel Bechara, has partnered with kanvas to unveil a groundbreaking hybrid exhibition titled “A Symphony of Shadows & Light”. The outcome of a unique collaboration seamlessly blends Bechara’s narrative with kanvas’ innovative technology, offering visitors an unparalleled art experience. The exhibition showcases Bechara’s artistic journey spanning over 15 years in the United Arab Emirates.

“I always like to blend and combine the disciplines of traditional and digital art,” says the artist, who is renowned for her mastery in both traditional painting and digital art, and continually pushing the boundaries of creativity by embracing technological advancements.

The exhibition, animated by motion designer Viktor Lukacs and set against curated soundtracks by renowned contemporary composer Balazs Havasi, will be divided into five captivating chapters, each offering a canvas of emotions derived from the artist’s personal story, which promises to resonate with the life stories of the viewers.

Astrid Lesuisse, exhibition collaborator and curator expressed her excitement about the project curated especially for the Art Week of Dubai. “I believe art is an endless source for new experiences. The full immersive technology of kanvas with 10 Full HD projectors and ultra-short throw lenses, offers an incredible opportunity for viewers to connect with Kristel Bechara’s work on a deeper level.”

Talking about this one-of-a-kind exhibition, Balint Tordai, Co-Founder of kanvas said, “Not every artist’s style translates effortlessly to an immersive surface, but Kristel’s distinctive patterns and characters are truly inspiring for us. We are very excited with this collaboration that transforms her partly physical, partly digital artwork into a vibrant and dynamic show on kanvas’ projection surfaces. Furthermore, this project fits perfectly with our mission to present innovative art experiences to audiences by showcasing stunning multimedia experiences and groundbreaking hybrid phygital exhibitions.”

Additionally, the exhibition marks the launch of her inaugural sculpture. Collaborating with Emirati ceramist Shaima Ahli, Bechara has brought to life her iconic “Pandora’s Box,” using pure clay – an integral material in ancient Greek culture. The sculpture has travelled from Dammam to Dubai for display at kanvas and will subsequently be adorned with Bechara’s signature patterns and colours.

For more insight about the exhibition, see following feature of Dubai One TV.