Fragments of the whole by Akos Kaiser


4-12 November 2022


Monday – Friday
10AM – 6PM




kanvas Dubai

Unit 1, Al Khayat Art Avenue, 19th Street
Al Quoz 1, Dubai, UAE

About the project

„A horizon in view of the Emirates”

Akos Kaiser is a freelance photojournalist from Hungary based in Budapest. His relationship with photography has a long history since his father is a professional photojournalist. From a very young age, he developed a personal interest in photography which eventually turned into a career choice. Having taken the decision to become a professional in the field, he successfully graduated from the photojournalist department at the Association of Hungarian Journalists in 2017 and since then he completed a wide range of projects at national and European level. His professional qualifications and the various projects he worked on, have provided him with extensive experience in many different sections of photography; from working with European political organizations to film shootings and to photojournalist works.

While working in Dubai he was impressed by the unique atmosphere and energy which took him to a long term project to eternalize the constantly rushing city and catch moments of its residents’ lives. Photographing the mixture of the traces of an ancient culture and the XXI century’s most modern country can give an extraordinary vibe for a picture.
Capturing these two elements created his vision to convert everyday life details to an artistic form.


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